Mater Media

Mater (Mah-tair) is the Latin word for Mother. As Mater Dei means “The Mother of God,” Mater Media means “The Mother of Media.” The apostolate of Mater Media is consecrated to the Mother of God, our dear Blessed Mother

The MISSION of Mater Media

Mater Media, the not-for-profit dedicated to Mary,
inspires people to LOVE God
and motivates them to SERVE Him.  

Through innovative storytelling and mercy readiness gear, we shine light into the darkness of today’s media.

Through the distribution of resources to:

  • Pregnancy Resource Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Food Kitchens
  • Rehabilitation Programs
  • Senior Living Centers
  • Schools
  • Youth Groups
  • Parishes

We are saving babies’ lives and giving a message of hope to unwed mothers.

We are giving those nearing the end of life on earth a message of hope and inspiration.

We are showing the hospitalized that they do not suffer alone.

We are influencing the culture by reaching out to those in need and providing them with a message of hope.

The VISION of Mater Media

To feed those who are hungry to know the truth.

To satisfy the thirst of souls who are parched with doubt.

To clothe souls that have been stripped of their dignity.

To invite homeless souls into the shelter of mercy.

To comfort afflicted souls who need healing in body, mind or spirit.

To remind all of us to bear wrongs patiently, like Jesus.

To honor each person’s life, including those who have died, with our prayers.