The mission of Mater Media, the not-for-profit dedicated to Mary, is to  inspire people to love God and to motivate them to serve Him.  Through innovative storytelling  we are shining light into the darkness of today’s media and initiating a radical cultural paradigm shift away from toxic media.

Mater Media is transforming lives through the power of VIRTUE!


my-rock-and-salvationMy Rock & Salvation is a young-adult novel in which teens can appreciate St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body through the lens of rock music, pro football, and romance.

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cover200pxFor A Greater Purpose is Zip Rzeppa’s totally unique story of triumph and heartbreak, success and failure, humor and adventure peppered with personal stories about some of the most recognizable—and unrecognized—people on the planet. Their names, along with all our names, are written in the Palm of God’s Hand.

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